We get the leaders we agree to

When anyone, a child, a family member, a friend, a leader of industry or politics, is not held to account for their words and actions, for hypocrisy, for even the smallest transgressions, we are saying to them that this behaviour, this action, is acceptable.

Multiply this time and again, and we normalise this type of behaviour.

We get the leaders we agree to. 

To look at our global political leaders now we see such obvious displays of lying, bullying, cheating, hypocrisy…that we the people struggle to raise our moral indignation…it is just another day of the massive BS machine.

Yet when we roll over and go back to the latest show on Netflix, we become complicit. 

Democracy, citizenship, community building, is not a spectator sport. It requires action. Vocalisation. Engagement.

The moment we roll over we are accepting the status quo, and as such have no right to complain, as our own acts (as our failure to act) has indicated agreement with the lying, cheating party.

It all begins with the little transgressions, the little atrocities…seemingly innocuous, harmless. 

It we want leaders who are held to account then we need to insist on them being held to account. We, the people, are where change happens. One small voice multiplies.

Be that voice.

Photo taken January 5th 2021

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