In what area of your life are you the cork in the ocean, at the mercy of wind and tide? Feeling insignificant, disempowered, misunderstood or not understood, isolated?

Name and locate the place where the energy of smallness is greatest for you.

How true is your smallness? Do you diminish self, or do you allow others to diminish you? Either way, diminishment occurs by your choice to be diminished.

Bully’s choose victims, power over needs supplicants. The voiceless need to speak – even if to speak means to create a new language that this time might be heard.

We disappear to our selves before anyone can have us disappear for them.

Where do you need to claim your identity, find your voice, stand your ground, speak your truth, set up strong boundaries? Say NO? Say YES?

This is the path to our liberation. Take the first step with me.

Photo taken, May 3rd 2014

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