Humans love to come together. And yet in their co-joining, whether that be business or personal, they bring all of the energies of their life story, their culture, and the archetypal patterns of generations. Rarely do these stories and patterns synergise in one breath.

Things tend to get messy.

Rare is it that we take the time to explore the stories as a first act, to establish the nature of the relationship early.

Only when the waters are muddied and the pain beings to accumulate do we attend to the call of how we are in relationship with each other.

For too many people they wait to speak until the pain is at a tipping point. Emotions rage. There is either an explosion or a falling in. And the pattern repeats.

Relationships require constant attendance to the nature and structure of the relationship, not just to the form. What are we bringing, what do we expect in return? What happens when things go wrong. Where is our centre – the strange attractor that brings us together? Why are we together?

Love is metaphysical gravity. Anything that is not love is a cry for help. To attend to the glue, the metaphysical gravity of relationship is the first step that demonstrates this relationship matters.

Today let love guide. Where in your relationships do you need to return to love? To hold the reason for being together as sacrosanct, and work from there to restore the right pattern back into your relationship? Let your relationship start again, as new, today.

This is the opportunity inherent in every new day. To begin again.


Photo taken 11th May 2014

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