When we have lost the thread

That makes our life feel meaningful.

Consider that a new path is soon to be revealed. And that this is not the time to push, rather to pay exquisite attention to the call of the light.

At first there might be only dark. Only questions and clouds. A lack of surety that when we take a step the earth might hold us.

Find your breath. It knows. 

Surrender to the complete mystery. It knows. 

Taste your fear, your desperation. Roll is texture into your being, as an adventurous act that will shape the yet to be revealed life emerging.

Follow the tendrils of light, almost indistinguishable from the dark. Trust them. They know this future you have yet to see.

Surrender sense making, and the form of what is emerging. Allow it simply to be.

As the light become stronger, play with it as a child. Reject all that is dead and dying in you. Old stories and patterns that no longer sing sweet songs of harmony in your being.

Allow the new song to emerge. Let it surprise and delight you.

When you arrive across the threshold of this incubation, the new thread of light  clear, and new meaning towards which you now face with joy present, see that the thread of your life was always there, not lost, but working you towards your new song.

This path. The human path. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Take courage that you will find your thread again.

Photo taken July 11th, 2019


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