Celebrating the worthy

I dream of a day when we celebrate the good, the true and the beautiful.

Not false gods of profit off the backs of humans, animals, earth.

Celebrate and elevate acts of service to others. Kindness. Consideration.

Elevate kindness and people who live kindness as the arbiters of power. 

Ensure deep wisdom is evident in our leadership. 

Have as a non-negotiable leadership that demonstrates comprehensive consideration, respect for all humanity, and the capacity to put aside petty egoic posturing.

Design models of enterprise that place the all-in-wellbeing of humans, Earth, the animals, our forests, life – as central to their success. I call them Syntropic Enterprise.

Tired am I of the elevation of false gods of obscene financial wealth, of models of business that require dehumanisation, manipulation, coercion, extraction, exploitation. (Which means almost all models of our current business-as-usual/politics-as-usual) The world is tilting in the shadow of nasty – of greed, excess, short termism – the needle of polarity gone too far from possible resolution. 

A reset – harsh, cruel – is immanent. 

I am a proud idealist. If the dream of celebrating the good, the true and the beautiful is not the dream I dedicate my days to, I do not see the point in my existence.

There is enough beauty, goodness and truth alive to nourish me as we turn towards the co-creation of a better world.


Photo taken July 14th, 2019


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