Being present to the sunrise reminds me that some days she shows up in so much splendour that every cell in my being is humbled. So radiant – demanding that we stop and witness her. Like yesterday.

Other days..she is muted. Soft pinks and blues. Calm and peaceful. Like today.

Some days she is dark and stormy, the drama queen.

And there are days that she stays hidden. Her light sensed but not felt.

It takes an orchestra of elements for the Sun to perform her rising on the Pacific Stage.

She reminds me that even on the days my light feels lost, when the clouds obscure, in time, soon, my radiance will alight the stage. That it takes a cast of many to produce my best work.

This is what it is to be human.

Today I rest in soft pinks and blues.


Photo Taken July 26th 2018

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