Simplicity and awe

Simplicity looks easy. 

But it is not.

Simplicity requires removing everything that is not necessary. 

When we are working on complex or complicated problems, presenting a simple solution takes hours, days, week, months, years of interrogation, understanding, different perspectives, expansion and contraction…until…unpredicted, there arrives the simplicity that holds within it the entire complexity.

This point requires our own capacity to reorder. Until the very moment of simplicity we were not capable of holding it. Until the moment of simplicity the field into which simplicity is born was not capable of holding it.

And then we all go…this looks so obvious. How did we not see this before?

This is true art. Beautiful design. Real innovation. Thinking as a practise. And the poetry of the mystics.

Within the simplicity all of the work of arrival is present, embedded in its Pattern Integrity. The effort, the thought, the tension of the creation.

It renders awe. 

As does the morning sun.

Photo taken July 28th, 2019


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