Be the model you sell

Today I had an interaction with a global company that recently sold to another company for $8BillionUS.

The company is all about enhancing the quality of experience we (their customers) are providing to our customers and staff and through our products and services. Fabulous idea, much needed.

Am I naive to think that a company that is all about quality experience might be remotely interested in the experience they are giving their customer?

Nowhere on their web site was a button or place to call, or feedback about the experience I am having of their product and service as a customer of theirs!

Given that I had just had a very average experience twice with them they might like to know. But perhaps not.

We need to be the model we teaching, selling, implementing into the world, FIRST.

Integrity all the way down.

Qualtrics, be your game.

Photo taken July 2nd, 2019


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