No sincere commitment is ever in vein

No matter our attempt to slice and dice everything, to be scientific, to be rational, at least a half of the Universe lives in the mysterious. 

Why does a culture do it this way? 

If we genuinely commit to change will it ever transpire, and if so when? 

Not when we expect, maybe after we are gone. 

Like justice, the timing is not in our hands. 

That doesn’t mean we do nothing. 

To do nothing fertilises the story that we are no-thing in the giant scheme of life. That a small act is irrelevant. It enforces helplessness and hopelessness, which is a mythology that many in power aim for.

Nothing too small, no step insignificant.

Step up. Commit. Act. Do it for love. Do it because it matters. Because to not do it is to kill some part of us that is fierce.

Surrender the timing and outcome to the orchestra of the Universe.  

Photo taken July 30th, 2020

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