Back to basics

Be your word. Start with being your word with your self. Translation – be precise with the promises you make to yourself. I am going to do this vs I would like to do this but I am not committed yet.

Ensure you have a community that points out with love that you are not being your word. We all try to get away with our own BS, often unconsciously.

Do something. Not doing, inertia, is anti-syntropic. Anti Life.

Not doing is resistance. Doing includes meditation, going for a long walk, not thinking but being. 

Know the difference between waiting because the Kairos time is not right, and waiting because you fear making a decision and the consequence of that.

If you chose to take a stand for something, take the stand. All in. Revert to be your word.

Back to basics is foundational to partnering with creation of Universe. 

Photo taken July 31st, 2020

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