Being a clumsy student

I love learning. Being thrown into an experience where I am a beginner. Figuring it out. Knowing that if I commit my whole self to the journey, I will reach a level of competence that feels comfortable.

In the beginnings I am happy to embrace being a clumsy student. Looking the idiot. Tripping over my own feet, words. Being the beginner, again, and again.

I gave up the requirement for perfection when I became a mother. The house was never going to be in ‘perfect’ order because the priority was now care of my daughter, care of myself, care of the family, care of my work.

To embrace being a clumsy student gives us permission to be the novice. To want to learn. To be humbled by our incompetence. To thirst to become better.

I intend to keep this going until my last breath. 

To be old is to decide you are done with learning. The world of change and technology is too big, too scary, too overwhelming.

Running marathons taught me the profound beauty of breaking things down into micro-steps. Focus just on the next step, and repeat, and repeat, until 42.2 kilometres has been run.

Currently clumsily learning to surf, learning to create an online learning platform and membership site, learning to nurture and create a global community for change, learning to be in a truly committed relationship.

Photo taken July 6th, 2020

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