Asking the right questions.

The Western mind has, through history, asked how we enable humans to survive and profit without consideration of the all-in-cost.

A better question, known in many indigenous cultures, might be…how can humans thrive in harmony with nature?

Why does it have to be win lose?

Surely with our ingenuity and imagination, we can thrive in a world of natural forests, clean skies and oceans, and salmon filled streams?

Instead of being sustainable, which is a zero sum game, and an advance on extraction to extinction, how might we be regenerative? Where we leave what we have touched in a better state than when we first arrived?

Irregardless of whether we are in the throws of climate change, no one can deny the harm we are doing in our rapacious greed and quest for endless growth on a finite planet.

There is a question in the field of problems that will evoke imagination and magnificence, for in its asking the field of possibility emerges.



Photo Taken July 8th 2018

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