The holocaust of leaves

I spent my childhood in Queenstown Tasmania. One of the most environmentally degraded communities on Earth. 

There was a holocaust of trees. And leaves. And all the life that goes with trees and leaves and forests.

I did not know this was a human enacted holocaust. As a child I did not even know it was something to care about. Bare hills in one of the wettest regions of the world.  It was my home. The world had only just started to ask questions about the cost of human consumption and extraction and poisoning.

We are a little wiser now. 

But still the holocaust of leaves is happening, faster than ever. 

A world without leaves and trees and the creatures that make the tree their home is not a world that allows life. Any life.

We must stop the holocaust of leaves, as if our life depends upon it.

Which it does.

Photo taken July 9th, 2019


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