There is an old story that has been the undoing of the majority of humans this last few hundred or so years.

It goes something like this…

We humans are selfish. Dog eat dog. Not enough to go around. Solitary. Not to be trusted. Out for our selves. Our systems of trickle down economics is the only way to be sure people at the bottom will rise.

This story is not true. Humans are mostly collaborative, want community, want to belong. We like working together on stuff that matters, to make a contribution. To be happy. Connected.

We need to re-write our story so it is not appropriated by those who are invested in the dog eat dog story of humanity, because this story enables those few to win so massively against all others.

Our story might begin like this.

In the beginning was a glorious Earth, thriving with animals and life. When humans arrived, they walked the Earth in reverence, caring for the bounty that enabled them to thrive. They worked together to support each other, building communities of belonging where love, family, connection, joy and giving were the values most respected. They designed and created great works of art, technology, health care and education systems that were all human centred in their design, respecting the Earth from which their rich lives were supplied, knowing that they lived on a finite planet, where resources of Earth was part of the collective commons…

Utopia…not at all. Aspirational. Absolutely.

Give me respect, care, dignity, love, belonging, community, happiness.

Are these the values we want more than accumulation, status, winning?

Let’s rewrite the story, if not for us, for our grandchildren.


Photo Taken June 14th 2018

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