Wrong debate

Part of growing up, which is a forever adventure, is to become wiser as to which debates we engage. “Pick our battles.”

We might spend all of our energy, passion, time, commitment debating to stop a new coal mine, knowing that it is a technology that is past it relevance, knowing that the Earth cannot abide a single other ounce of fossil fuel atmosphere cancer.

Or we might debate how to make the communities and people affected by loss of work and dignity more able to transition to an economy that supports them and their families, while ensuring we have a world with a future.

At the political level there is a vested interest in keeping people debating the wrong things. It is the magicians distraction, playing us perfectly.

There might be a reason humans have been gifted a mind, heart, gut interconnected. 

Perhaps it is time we used our extraordinary capacity and skills attending to co-creating a world with a future – where all human and Earth dignity and respect is foundational to all of our endeavours. 

If this is where we invest our energy and time, what then do we need to debate?

Photo taken June 16th, 2019


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