Coherence, resonance and right relationship

Yesterday I received a text and noticed I had an ill feeling in my body afterwards. It was like something had infected my field. If I were an animal I would have shaken it off, literally.

Noticing it, I went for a walk. Did some cleaning. Moved my body. A human version of shaking it off.

The feeling was not mine. The text writer had intended to provoke a response, and I had taken the bait.

In a word where people and companies profit from deception, where lies are the normal currency and not the exception, our ability to become discerning is something to cultivate.

To pay attention to how messages land in our field.

To interrogate our beliefs. To notice particularly where we become defensive for this is a clue to our own self deception.

The signals can be very subtle. The best snake oil salespeople and seduction artists have mastered their craft.

Integrity exists in partnership with coherence, resonance and right relationship.

The signal is pure.

The question is, as the receiver of the signal, are our channels tuned to pick up the clean frequency? Do we even question the difference?


Photo Taken June 19th 2018

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