In early February 2018 I found myself taking the train in Dubai. I entered a carriage, and a few minutes later realised that there where only women in my carriage.

It was a woman only carriage. Something that would not be possible in my culture in Australia.

For the first time in my life I noticed a small part of me that has been trained to be vigilant in public, relax.

And in the noticing, recognising something that till now I had been completely unaware of.

Every day I am in the world I have my protective scanners up. My little defences. That five percent, alert.

To be able to be in public on public transport and relax this guard was so foreign to me.

Women are taught to be vigilant. It is reinforced after every incident of rape and murder.

Men, the decent kind men and the predators, experience women with their guard up, suspicious of men and their intent.

We, as humanity, are just starting this conversation about how men and women can be in a mutually respectful, equal but different, relationship. We have far to go.

*I took advantage of the women only carriage for the rest of my stay in Dubai.


Photo Taken June 20th 2018


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