Back to what?

Change is hard. It is messy. Snotty. Entirely reductive. The caterpillar doesn’t just go into a sweet little cocoon and become a butterfly.

It breaks down completely into an undifferentiated mess. A nothing. 

To transform is literally, to transform. To no longer be the same.

We want change but we don’t want to go through the process. We want it to be soft and easy, to not ask of us to let go of long held safeties and securities. 

In other words, we want to shift things around a little and believe, with our entire being, that this is real change, transformation.

Yet somewhere deep down we might know that we are deluding ourselves. 

Like the addict we first must admit that we have a problem. And then we must let go. 

Let go. Not cling. Not appear to let go. Not make it pretty. Dress it in a new skin.

Let go into the void. The nothingness. Surrender to the unknown. The emergent.

And from this place begin to consider, design, create a world that works for Earth and all her creatures. 

At the least it means to become humis. Compost. To be as uncomfortable and undifferentiated as possible. 

Few people are willing to do this consciously. 

No matter. Nature has the blueprint, and with or without us, will do the work. We will be broken down. 

To emerge towards a more beautiful world. 

Up for breaking down completely…(this list is far from complete…)

A system that is built on growth as the measure of success. 

Economies that extract to extinction.

Exploitation of people, humans, through any means, including inhuman labour for unable-to-be-lived-on wages.

An education system that dims creativity, doesn’t teach critical and whole systems thinking, squeezes out art, nature, beauty…and instead produces compliant people absent any magical thinking

The obscene hoarding of money by the few and governments and companies that allow this through taxation, overpayment of executes and the primacy of the shareholder.

Any enterprise that does not include the all-in-cost of their entire production cycle in their balance sheet with transparency, and ensures all stakeholders in the immediate and long term approach a higher order of wellbeing because of their existence.

Our democracy – time now for a change – to remove influence from any financial or corporate power, to change the way citizens participate and vote.

Our food systems and agriculture.

Naive am I to think we can do this? Not at all. 

I have no doubt. It will require the synergist participation of human minds able to stand in the heat and discomfort of transformation.  

Those brave enough, and able to think and act from a whole systems, complex, emergent perspective.

This is the purpose of Syntropic World.

Photo taken June 29th, 2020

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As the Founder and Chief Steward of – Christine works with leaders and enterprises globally who have a commitment to being the pioneers of enterprise change. Christine has the ability to completely re-imagine business, its role in our world, and its potential for a future for all humans. She experiences a deeper level of truth through applying synergetics (Buckminster Fuller’s anticipatory design science) and the working laws of Universe to enterprise design and human co-ordination. She has a way of articulating this so others can see it as well. Christine questions the most basic assumptions that drive our complex systems and can map that back to what is needed today. To learn more visit

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