Economics Subservient to Education

Imagine that? That instead of education as subservient to economics, we flipped and had economics be subservient to education?

We know our education system is broken. Young creative minds are taken into a conformity enforcing machine that was designed to build compliant individuals happy to work for the machine without question.

Out the other end we get a homogenous blob of young adults who have had their intrinsic creativity and curiosity quashed. 

We might begin with the question…what is education for? Perhaps it is time to really consider this question anew, especially in light of the world of accelerating technology.

If, instead of creating compliance and conformity, we were brave enough to encourage outrageous questions, relentless curiosity, wild imagination, and then to provide a healthy dose of discipline to the boundaries of excess of all of these elements, we might just get the kind of innovation we have not seen in decades. Transformative innovation. 

If we brought diversity and humanity into education, whole systems views, collaboration, BIG big questions, holding the space that young minds are smarter when we give them a field to be smart, we might get people who care for a world with a future for all humans.

Education is forever. It is not some 12 year enforced experience. How do we create forever education as the true north of human progress and evolution?

Enable education, humanity, health, wellbeing, Earth care, to lead the economy. 

Photo taken June 29th 2019


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