Poetry from the Future

Poetry evokes contemplation, beauty, love – in few words expressing the human condition  and its vast symphony of emotions.

To imagine great poetry from the future is to image a future where humans express love, beauty, wisdom…where life is. Where nature continues its tangled majesty.

I worry for that future. I worry for the forests of the Amazon. I worry for the poets and artists who might resist being shaped by the conformity enforcers of our technology leviathans.

I worry for the creatures. 

I want a poem to arrive speaking of waterfalls, moon light, lush forests and abundant life. Written in 2119. Of how humans came together realising that our home planet needed our undivided love and attention. That we might apply our extraordinary ingenuity to better all life. That we might put aside a story of extraction to extinction. Of colonisation. Of exploitation.

I ask those blinded by models crafted through domination, competition, winner takes all….to pause for just a moment and ask.. to win over whom and for what purpose, and for what consequence? And why?

I want to read the poetry from the future and fall in love with humanities brilliant generosity  today.

Photo taken June 7th, 2019


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