Doing more with less, ultimately everything with nothing.

This is one of Bucky Fullers Generalised Principles, true in all cases in our physical universe. (Perhaps not at the quantum level, or outside the earths atmosphere.)

It is the direction of evolutions arrow.

However, it is not to be confused with too much efficiency, which creates brittleness. Or too much diversity and novelty, which creates disorder. 

There is a sweet spot…a place where efficiency and diversity meet and dance. The dance is evident by the coherence created…

The effort to make everything super efficient, super conformist, predictable, regular, measurable, precise…squeezes out the diversity, novelty, emergence, ideation..

The effort to be rebel ruleless and crazy chaotic squeezes out the efficient.

Both are required to meet and dance. 

The Steward leader is attenuated to the coherence of this dance, making adjustments as needed when the ecosystem changes.

Ultimately able to make micro adjustments to a systems design that considers both efficiency and deviancy in its mix.

Photo taken June 9th, 2019


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