Life rarely recognises our worth. Our society has screwed values, where we celebrate people for strange reasons. Like how much money they can accumulate. Or how much power over others they have.

One of the creators of modern economics, Adam Smith, lived at home and wrote his thesis that built his reputation while his mother cooked and cleaned up after him. Her work is not registered in either his thesis, or by those who celebrate Adam Smith.

Yet he could not have created his life work without her.

We get from life not what we are worth, but what we negotiate.

We need to know our worth, to the bone of our existence, and then negotiate for it to be present in the conversation. For many people, just to know our own worth is a life’s work of remembering.

And from here, to ensure that others do not demean our value.

We do this against a culture that makes this hard.

We need to stay the course.

A thousand thousand Rosa Parks moments. On her, and many others, shoulders we stand.

To not stand up for our own worth and value is to dishonour the price paid by others to get to here.


Photo Taken January 1st 2015

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