If you are a frontier person, an edge dweller, a pioneer or visionary, then the life you call for has…

Endless uncertainty. Get comfortable with it. Design support as best you can. 

Adventure, of the grand and sometimes dangerous kind.

Loneliness – the frontier has a small population and you will often be misunderstood and ridiculed by those who cling to the status quo.

The joy of discovery. Nothing like it…probably part of the reason the frontier calls so strongly.

Which means as well, curiosity as the deepest call. And the desire to learn and grow, on endless repeat.

Many failures. No maps, no well worn paths means we must know failure as an integral part of our journey.

An inner strength that surpasses all the many and varied obstacles that you will encounter.

What I know from a life lived at the frontier is that we will be tested many times. We will be dismissed as irrelevant, as crazy. Those who inhabit the safe zone of business-as-usual are threatened deeply by our intent to disrupt, challenge and re-imagine status quo. 

Yet those who push the boundaries of possibility are the ones who call forth the future. 

To stand at the frontier of a more beautiful world that we know is possible for Earth and all of her creatures is worth it all. 

At the least we might hold each other up as the walls of the old begin to crack and the noise and anger of transformation gets amplified.

Photo taken March 11th, 2020