A little magic

Imagine if the path we are to take has magic signposts?

If we are ON path, the path that brings us alive, then we will know because we will see the magic signposts.

They will be evident in the crazy synchronicities, the doors opening right when you couldn’t see any light. The strangers showing up with a smile and a willingness to help. Or the friend who calls…after years of distance, because you were on their mind.

Magic signposts are especially significant right at the very moment you feel all is lost. 

No magic signposts? Perhaps you have strayed off path. 

Take a breath. Stop. Feel your feet planted to the ground. Feel the earth and air and trees whisper your song. They are not lost. They might just know where you are and in which direction to take the next step.

Imagine we have magic signposts available all the time? The question then. Do we listen? Do we trust? Do we act?

Photo taken March 12th 2019


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