The nature of change requires a dismantling. 

To transform, to undergo the most profound of changes, from caterpillar to butterfly, requires a period when everything, everything, is uncertain. 

We must become exiled from everything that previously confirmed our existence.

Rare is a human life that does not experience at least one episode of intense transformation. 

And rare is it for generations to not undergo, as a collective, this type of transformation.

The word human is from the root humus, Earth. The same root as humility. And hubris. Literally, Earthlings.

During times of unravelling, despite ourselves, we are reduced to Earth. No money, no stuff, no external object, can restore our Soul, our wellbeing.

The journey, ultimately, is an inner one. How do we respond as individuals and as the collective? 

During times like these we might choose humility over hubris. Indeed, no matter our place of beginning, humility will be the destination.

In the infinite game of life the stripping out of arrogance and hubris, the reset, leads to better for all. 

Photo taken March 13th, 2020



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