When we were little fish we did not know we were fish. We did not know water. In our ‘adulting’ we first learn we are fish, then we are a particular type of fish, and then we might discover that we live in a thing called water.

Humanity now is discovering that the water we have been swimming in has been structured on the model of colonisation.

Divide. Control. Exploit.

Pretty much everything, when placed under scrutiny, is built to this tune. Our money or lack of. Our status. The education we get or do not. The extraction of human labour that we do not question. The extraction of resources. The rights to our body or not.

Whole systems are designed to keep us divided. To control us. To exploit us. Quite often we do not even know this is happening.

Whole nations and people have been wiped off the earth though this mechanism. The Earth has been decimated. 

And today, given our blindness to the water we swim in, we do not realise that our private human spaces, our interiors, are being colonised by carefully designed algorithms run by our biggest tech companies. It is not only our data they own, it is the patterns and structures of our humanity. 

And into this new territory of colonisation is directed manipulative media – like a dye placed into the water – and we dance to someone else tune, in complete ignorance that there is even a tune.

It is past time to turn this model about.

To instead Connect, relate and belong. 

In designing any enterprise, any community, any new tech, we might begin here. 

Does our work, our design, our thoughtfulness, our very purpose..

Create Connection, Relationship and Belonging?

Photo taken March 13th 2019


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