Activism and citizenship

A teenager is bold enough to speak out about her concerns for the future, and creates a movement. Some of her elders criticise her for asking her peers to abandon for several hours the industrial bastion of ‘school.’

What is education? Who and what does it serve?

If not towards the wellbeing of humanities collective future on Earth, then for what?

If not to be engaged as active citizens, participants in the creation of our future, then for what?

Does it serve for us to raise children who are passive as citizens? Who do not bring their educated selves to a conversation about what will effect them the most? 

Does it serve us as adults to ignore the voices of youth? Perhaps we might remember when we were young? Certainly we did not have all the answers, but we knew enough to know war was not the solution, apartheid was not the solution. Injustice was not the solution.

Citizenship requires activism. Passivity is the peanut gallery, easy to throw stones as if stone throwing is active engagement.

Today I will be supporting the kids. Because the Earth needs us all to engage towards a world that has a future.

Photo taken March 15th 2019


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