To every action there is a reaction at 90 degrees. Drop a stone into a pond and we get a ripple at 90 degrees.

A honey bee goes about its honey business and at 90 degrees its legs, seemingly inadvertently, gather pollen from one flower and passes the pollen to another. The precession – life on Earth.

A virus forces humanity to come to a grinding holt.

We might ask, what is the precession? The side effect of this? 

Everything changes for most of humanity in a matter of hours or a week. For you. For me. For us. Unprecedented.

We might ask, what is the precession? Or, to put it another way, what can I do, what can we do, that moves the entirety of the current situation towards better life on Earth for all?

Given my last 30 years of exploring how we might apply the laws inherent to nature to enterprise design and human co-ordination, to examining the human constructs of economy, the purpose of enterprise, to real wealth creation that increased wellbeing for Earth and all her creatures, now might be a time to amplify this work. 

To initiate real transformative innovation at the foundations of how we come together as humans.

Photo taken March 15th, 2020


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