As I write this the ocean is raging, responding to a tropical low called Linda.

Even in her violence, there is beauty. White caps, massive waves, chaos. To be observed only, for participation is a fools game.

Somewhere out there, not far from shore, is the depths. And in those depths is calm. Even as the surface rages.

In so many places in our beautiful world there is raging. Crazy. Violent. Unpredicatable.

I hold a steady candle of hope that below the surface..somehow accessible…of that rage and reactivity…is a depth that is calm.

Our yearning to touch that calm, to sink deep into it, to be still, find peace, hold our centre, even as the world rages, might be enough, if we honour it, to bring us through the storm.

Be that your own storm of life, or our collective storm as we navigate this age.

Holding the centre of calm within me, I seek to find the same in you, and those who are tormented by the storm.

On this day, The Ides of March, I practice peace.


Photo Taken October 17th 2017 

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