On this morning my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

The Australia sky is unique. Clearer, bluer, more vibrant than anywhere in the world.

On this dawn clouds were absent, and the surf was up at the famous Burleigh Heads break, crowds of the keen with their boards before dawn to catch the first wave.

Life pulsates everywhere. The fit and active starting their day beachside.

Our beautiful Earth is protesting from our careless entitlement. People are suffering at the hands of the greedy and spiteful.

Yet beauty, love, compassion, care and kindness is found all around.

Beauty will save the world. Beauty leads us back to love. Beauty can be found in the most cruel of places.

On my knees, in awe. When I let beauty in…all in…everything…everything, is all right.


Photo Taken February 11th 2014

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