Our path towards wisdom is a dance between hubris and humility.

In our hubris we presume we are greater than the Gods. In our humility we are floored. The soil, the dirt, the decay of humus is our place of existence.

A farmer will speak with reverence of soil. Of the way it breaks down the bad to become the good and foster life. It is the beginning. And in is microbial fester great beauty if born. Life. Nourishment. The rains.

In our arrogance we hold our heads above the clouds. We thrill in shaming, naming, and separating our righteousness.

The soil, the Earth always wins. Her gravitational pull brings us home. If not in life as a whiplash against our hubris, a fall from our lofty heights, then in death.

Cultivate humility. The dirt underneath our fingernails tells its story of who we are.



Photo Taken March 18th 2018

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