That is the fear. Will the Earth hold us? How will we survive. 

But a deeper question.

What is life? 

I watch the fish swimming this morning doing fish things. My dog Milly, a normal day.

The beauty of this event is that we are all in it together. Way too many people have had their incomes disappear in a heart beat. 

Yet in France, no tax, no rent, no utilities. In New York State, no debt payments to the state. 

And in my home city, the incredible leadership of my daughters school headmaster. The school will continue but the students stay home. They have met the change well in advance. They have all the classes go online, seamlessly. Those students who need to go to school will have a place, separated but cared for. 

Falling down is not so bad. It is the terror of the thought. 

But with dirt in our fingernails and simply nowhere else to go we find creativity. We ask the questions of things we assumed unchangeable that previously our comfort negated the asking of. 

What is work? How do we do it? Who pays for research and development of medications. Who profits? What are bail outs? Who pays? Who profits? Why do we privatise institutions such as public health, schools, utilities? What is education and how best do we do it? How do we govern? How do we build enterprises, human collective endeavours, that support the increased wellbeing of all?

This is a very scary, yet very significant opportunity to create a better world that works for all. 

Falling down is the invitation to transform. Falling down collectively is the opportunity for large scale systems and culture change.

Will we hold our nerve, or go back to business as usual?

Let is use this event to create a better world.

Photo taken March 22nd, 2016


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