We are learning fast that the myths we have been sold and told by our political and corporate leaders are indeed myths.

“We have no money for health care. For education. For stronger safety nets. A Universal Basic Income is out of the question. We need our economy to be strong so we can progress and this is the first priority, over all other issues. We need to prop up/bail out the big institutions first so they can keep going.”

Yet as everyone is discovering, the success of the 1% is off the backs of humans going to work. And when people cannot work everything collapses. 

We are also learning that suddenly there is money to pay for health care. To keep people able to pay rent, ultities and buy food.

We cannot go back from here. We have this very unique time to create a world that does indeed work for Earth and all of her creatures.

Following from yesterday, my commitment is to how to do that. To be Syntropic as a response to the overwhelming entropic models operating till now.

Here is something else we could do….

We might apply the law of Synergy – which means that the whole cannot be determined by an examination of the parts when considered separately.

Let me explain. Take a poisonous gas and an explosive metal, and no amount of examining each of them separately will determine that when we combine these two elements we get an innocuous white powered that we sprinkle on food.

No amount of examining a caterpillar will determine a butterfly.

A. We must start with the whole first. We must discipline our minds to consider the whole…to ask the hard questions…to go to multiple news sources…listen deeply to multiple perspectives….to acknowledge that there is a very large, very powerful machine determined to keep our thinking small, reactionary, atomised. To keep conquered keep divided.

It is this atomised, only self survival, fear based story we have been fed for so long…fear of the other arriving from a distant place to take our jobs…fear of the lazy person sucking up tax payer money…fear of having our ability to access as only the privileged can access.. taken away…that has us turn into fear based people buying up all the supplies…

We are learning that we are all in this together…


If we apply Synergy…then we are better when we are together. 

B. How do we create ecologies and economies where synergy becomes evident?

Where, when we bring people together around a purpose they care about, the outcome is synergistic = exponentially greater than any one individual can create.

If we are not designing for communities and enterprises to be synergistic then we are missing one of the single greatest assets we have in abundance. 

The collective human mind working on something they truly care about.

*eco =home…economy = care for the home. A healthy economy cares for the wellbeing of our entire home.

Photo taken March 21st, 2020


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