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In our increasingly complex world, in our rush to keep up, to stay off the edge of precarity, to serve, to create…

It is easy to forget Source.

We want to jump onto the newest tech, like blockchain, and yet we fail to examine why we might want to remove human to human trust from a relationship. Why decentralisation is a value. What is currency? 

In our reduction of most everything to a monetary price, we fail to ask..what is value?

Really, what is value?

What is money? Why was it designed? What is banking? Why was it designed? What is capital?

What is economy? Debt? Credit? 

What is relationship? And transaction?

Or…what is soil? Do we connect to the Earth that holds us? Do we understand the very ground upon which we walk with such scant regard? Where does our food come from?

In the disconnect from Source, humans become increasingly fractured. The further from Source we go, the further from genuine nourishment we travel. 

If we want to build a world that has a beautiful future, we might begin with a return to the difficult questions of examining Source.

Photo taken March 22nd 2019


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