What is humanities purpose?

What if humanity is designed to perform an important function in Universe?

If we were standing as the divine intelligence of Universe, looking at humans, what might we hope for them to do?

The question asks us to get beyond the isolated egoic self. It asks us to consider the whole.

What is my Butterfly Effect? What am I putting into the field, and to what consequence?

And what if karma was real? That each and every act was registered in the etheric data base equivalent. Would your data base be a register in the red, or the black? Do you make more deposits in the field of love, joy, generosity, care, beauty?

Perhaps at minimum we might consider that our purpose is to leave the world better than when we arrived? Leave the people we come into contact with more enriched.

To do this individually and collectively.

What is humanities purpose is a big question. In the asking it takes us out beyond our own petty wars and worries.


Photo taken March 23rd 2019


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