Atrophied imagination

Two choices…do I get caught in the petty noise of the nasty, the political point scoring, the endless distractions and obfuscations? 

Politicians masterful at keeping us looking south when the real story is northeast.

Small fearful thinking…

Stealing our future. If we say yes to this compelling lure.

Or, do I look to the future. To possibility. To art. To truth and beauty? To enterprise deigned for a world that has a future? To this glorious sunrise?

Knowing that where I spend my time, where I direct my gaze, where I invest…seeds the field that is the future?

Tired am I of the greed, the intergenerational theft. Of the structures we humans have created to extract to extinction. Of our encultured colonising impulse.

Money, debt, markets, corporate governance, democracy, authoritarianism, our education, housing and medical system, wage labour…all human constructs…all able to be de-constructed and rebuilt.

We have to ignite our atrophied imagination. 

Not towards Mars, the escape plan for a failure of imagination, but towards all Human and Earth thriving. Now. Tomorrow. 

Say yes to idealism and possibility that claims the rights of every human to dignity, respect, love and thriving.

A moon shot…a loon shot…a hell-why-not shot…

I look forward and imagine..and take the step towards this…

Photo taken March 26th 2019


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