We are all going through a wormhole

A journey we have never taken.

Time has shifted, no longer the linear long-term planning on which we have built economies, retirement plans, futures.

Rather, learning the new skills of living on the edge of emergence, tapping into the roots of creativity, spontaneity.

Either trust or be diminished by fear. Tune into Kairos time – the time of the larger invisible patterns of Universe.

All of us mapmakers, at the frontier of uncharted territories. 

Beautiful projects and enterprises we have poured our life force energy into travelling through the wormhole with us. Shapeshifting. Being refined. Some will not make it through. Others will become the Patterns of the future. The strange attractors that pull a generation forward towards a brighter future. Syntropic.

We have no idea what is on the other side. 

What we can do is practise extreme self-care, extreme other care. 

And like all of those pioneers and frontiers people before us, the misfits and outliers, turn to the unknown horizon with resolve towards a world that works for Earth and all of her creatures.

No going back. No return to normal. Normal was only working for a few.

March 27th 2020 

Photo taken March 27th, 2020