Compassion and Truth

In our world of the fake, the artificial, the deceptive, to seek for the truth, to ask questions, to gain perspective, to step back, to watch our reactions, to pause before we respond…these acts are wise.

Seldom do we have the whole story. The big picture. The other side. And rarely do we pause long enough to ask why someone did what they did. What made them betray you?

In understanding the whole we might cultivate compassion.

This does not mean we allow people to continue to harm. Our response instead might be stronger boundaries and the opportunity to see them for the life that made them act as they do.

The ultimate act of compassion is towards self. We allowed the harm to penetrate. We reacted. We were hurt. We said yes to giving away our power and sovereignty. We signed the contract laced with poison. Or we neglected to write a contract at all.

And in our own choices we always have the power of our response. No one as the ability to ever take this from us.

On this day in March I choose compassion as I set clear boundaries. Starting with me. Care to join?


Photo Taken July 12th 2016 (And yes, it is real. No filters, no editing…not fake :))

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