The Sacred Mother

Is a part of most humans. The deep well of caring for something beyond self.

The unflinching desire to elevate that which we are mother to, even at the cost of self.

Not to impose our own inadequacies and lost wants, rather to steward the field into which  what we care for more that self is given everything possibility to become truly, fully whole.

It is a role that is defined in the moment to moment decisions.

In how we respond to the chasms that open on the journey, for which we might believe we are unprepared to cross.

Yet from some unknown depths, and the sheer will of desire for this that we are stewarding, we find a way.

This is the miracle of the sacred mother.

It asks us to dig deeper, go higher, fall and get up repeatedly, persevere…to love selflessly.

To love selflessly.


Towards this act of selfless love, I pay the deepest respect.

Photo taken May 12th, 2019


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