A conversation for understanding

Is rare, yet primary. 

Most times we are wanting to be understood as the priority. Towards that we force our stories and circumstance on others. 

The feeling of being misunderstood, unseen, regarded as irrelevant, inconsequential, not smart enough, connected enough, rich enough…comes from a place of scarcity. Our consumer industrial complex feeds this lack, for it profits from our mythology of inadequacy.

To commit to understanding the other, to being led by a curiosity based on a desire for connectivity and understanding, is an antidote to our emptiness.

To truly want to understand another world view, why they took this action that may have offended you, is a step towards healing the polarity that seeks to rent our world apart.

In the practise of seeking first to understand we also heal the place of lack inside us.

It is not easy. It will bring us closer to compassion. 

Ah…more compassion on Earth…what a change that would be.

*For a process to have ‘A Conversation for Understanding,’ which is a very powerful tool, click here.

Photo taken May 13th, 2019


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