We get to vote

The options might be bad. Indeed we might be so disgusted by the two party system and its disintegration into endless lies, the pandering to their puppet masters, the continued domination by older white men and their dinosauric views.

We get to vote. And it matters. Coming from the fringe is always a commitment. It takes time, endurance, persistence. 

To vote for independents, or those who declare and are held in transparent account to a refusal to be purchased by big money, is a vote that matters. It may not turn the tide in this election. But it will eventually.

The two party system world wide is dead in lag. Like the horse and carriage, it is a novelty that is not aware of its doomed status.

The people have been numbed by the endless stream of BS over the last few decades, the neoliberal experiment that has profited the few off the backs of the many. 

Rather than submit to a sense of hopelessness, we get to show up and vote for change.

PS. For the forthcoming Australian election a group of people gave up their own time to research all the parties for their policies on climate. If this matters to you, and you want to state this in a vote, check out environment.vote. Every electorate covered. And because we have a system that runs on preferences, you can make a difference.

Photo taken May 16th, 2019


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