In the Southern Hemisphere where I live it is autumn. As I think today about the seasons, about how this time of year is often day after day of days like this…blue sky’s that go forever, clean crisp air, warm sun..I also reflect on this time in my life.

I am in the place between. That oozy gooie place of no-thing-ness.

Not this. Not that.

It is not a time to make lists, get focused, drive an agenda.

Rather it is a time to merge with the sky, feel the warm sun, connect with Earth, remember all that brought me to here.

I resist my enculturated impulse to do, do, do.

It is time to be, be, be.

Scary as it is, for while the ground beneath my feet can promise to hold me steady, I may fall, there is a rightness to holding, waiting, releasing.

As I look back on my life I recall similar times. The certainty that I must wait. Not do. Be. And how my life then took a path that I would never have predicted as a result of what did finally emerge into the vacuum of holding.

To those of you in this place, I offer the courage of waiting.


Photo Taken May 25th 2014

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