Stuck on the form

For the most part we have it backwards.

Bringing an idea to life has its multiplicity of challenges. 

To impose a form – the way it works in the world, what it does exactly, too early in the process, is to potentially limit its optionality.

Every idea has its own unique Pattern Integrity – a set of values, principles, archetypes, rules and agreements. 

When we align that idea towards our Evolutionary Purpose – the why of our existence – we get direction and movement. 

However this might be expressed in a myriad of ways. Just as a dancer might bring dance to life through many expressions, via many mediums, and to an array of audiences, the expression of our idea might live a thousand ways.

Instead of imposing our form onto the idea, perhaps instead understand the core elements of the ideas uniqueness. Its Pattern Integrity – those sets of conditions that cannot be violated.

Plant a lemon tree seed and you will not get an oak tree. (Unless you impose genetic engineering.) Plant a lemon tree seed and enable the right conditions for the best and most healthy lemon tree to grow.

This is the role of the steward leader.

The right form will reveal itself. When we have the key elements of our Source idea clearly identified, and we know the purpose to which we aspire, and we are atuned to the ecology into which we are bringing this to life, form will arrive in a naturally emergent way.

If we err, we can quickly adapt the form to better suit the circumstances. 

This is how we might dance with emergence.

Photo taken May 22nd, 2019


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