People gather from around the world to witness dawn.

She is the master mesmeriser. She weaves her spell to any who dare to walk past her as she throws her glory down. 

She often starts with a small shift in colour, then moves, all to quickly, to a crescendo, and then, in her full glory, we mortals are unable to continue to watch as she makes her way across the sky.

She dares us to contemplate our place in existence. She evokes awe, even in those most hardened by the trials of life. She insists that each day will be different. That each day, no matter our circumstance, we get to begin again.

She reminds us to bare witness to the world around us as we insist on being busy.

And she refuses to hide a single photon of her glory.

In her generosity she gives life. We are her light expressed.

People gather to witness dawn because this and more is present in the witnessing, and we, being human, forget, each day, the good, the true and the beautiful.


Photo Taken May 2oth 2018

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