At the intersection

Those spaces between. A pause in a conversation. The breath between decision and action.

The space between first light and dawn.

The liminal. Not yet crossed.

The moment of reflection.

The glance that connects.

These are magic places. Juicy. Delicious. Small. Delightful. 

A life squeezed of time misses these moments.

It is the intersections our life is forged.

Not this way, but that.

The field in which ideas land need spaciousness. 

A run in the dark as the light changes is a space between, a moment at the intersection of night and day.

The time when creativity bursts and ideas arrive with ease.

Find your time. Commit to it as a discipline. 

Let the magic find you by cultivating the intersections.

Photo taken May 25th, 2019


Beauty Of Beginnings

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