The foundation of Synergistic Accounting. An all-in-accounting for value and the increased wellbeing of our collective future.

Our current balance sheet is a time stamp. It says our company is in profit or loss today.

Systems and structures are created to incentivise the short-term time stamp. The CEO’s performance. The government’s performance. The return for the shareholder.

If I can strip out every dollar from everywhere in my enterprise…which might include an investment for the future, to show a return today…so that the stock, my performance, looks good…I get to win. Today. At the cost of humans today and our future tomorrow.

The model itself is deeply floored. 

Unless a balance sheet is held in the context of long-term, extraction costs and post-use costs, of the price someone will have to pay eventually for our short-term profit…then we are the masters of magic. Keep the crowd, the workers, mesmerised and seduced…that we are doing well. Today. Let them feel safe and secure.

I was asked recently how allergic ‘business-as-usual’ are to words like magic. That the moment you might talk about Kairos time, or synchronicity, or magic, the shutters on listening slam shut. No woohoo allowed here. We are straight business people. 

Yet the entire structure of our civilisation is built on a belief in magic. Money is magic. If we stopped believing that our money held value, or if we all paid down our debts to zero, our monetary system would collapse. It is belief in it that keeps it upright.

It is the smoke and mirrors game of winner takes all, that the billionaire wealth can almost always be traced back to some form of extraction, colonisation, exploitation.

We need new business models, new ways to incentivise for the long term. To have our balance sheet reflect the whole, and not a time-stamped part.

This is the foundation of Synergistic Accounting. An all-in-accounting for value and the increased well-being of our collective future.

May 25th 2020

Photo taken May 25th, 2020