I was contemplating the question – if my life was a movie, what would its title be to this point?

I have always been interested in truth. What is the truth of this situation?

It is such a complex subject because there is global Truth’s and then our perspectival truths. The truth of our experience shaped by our world view, our cultural sensitivity, our ability to transcend or not our lizard brain.

In our post truth world, where there is no one truth, only our perspective, the ground of truth that we walk on has become completely unstable.

Through the haze of this complexity, through the obfuscation of truth by spell casters and linguistic jujitsu masters, we have a Sunrise.

We have ants hunting for food and building colonies.

We have my little dog Milly happy to see any single human, no matter their size, colour or costume.

In the noise of our confusion, our search for our own truth and the truth of our existence, we have nature unfolding her majesty.

Perhaps this is why nature gives us sanctuary. The argument in our head quiets. Beauty takes over.

Sigh….I return each day to drink from the well of Beauty. Thankful that there is peace here.

Infinite grace. Incomprehensible Truth. The beauty of a Sunrise.


Photo Taken May 25th 2018


Beauty Of Beginnings

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