Distractions and Rabbit Holes

Swimming in the ocean this morning exposed to the glory of this sunrise, and the golden light across the water…awe! 

Beauty is the very best distraction.

To stop, to be fully present to Natures awe, is to come back to the Source of what matters.

Between the petty arguments, and those with a need-to-be-addressed consequence, we can be taken off the path towards the good, the true and the beautiful, instead falling down a rabbit hole of endless noise for the sake of our love and addiction to drama or righteousness.

Choosing where to direct our life force energy, the best of us, is a constant check-in, for the temptations of distractions and rabbit holes are often cloaked in the illusion of importance.

I see that horizon across the Ocean. The more beautiful world we know is possible for Earth and all of her creatures, this is where I return my gaze, my energy, my love.

Photo taken May 28th, 2020


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