Are we infecting with joy?

My local beachside coffee shop, ESPL, the place I do most of these blogs, the place my daughter and I have frequented for six years and 4 owners, and, most importantly, the place where I met my love, is buzzing this rainy Sunday morning.

As our community emerges from introspection, Bianca, ESPL’s vibrant owner, brings play, music, colour, fun and humour to her customers.

Bean bags. A DJ playing ‘safe’ music, big canisters of hand sanitises in containers saying “I will survive,” beach umbrellas, and delightful attention to her customers.

Adaptive, creative, joyful. 

To be a passerby, or a customer, you would find it hard not to be infected by the joy.

Are we infecting with joy? Even when we have serious work to do? Even as the axis of power shifts in our world?

Is a smile, love, generosity more powerful than anger, hate, violence, insult, accusation?

Happy Sunday. All around me are laughing smiling people, their pains and losses put aside even but for a moment of time.

PS. Bianca is a graduate of the first Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass. (leaving everything better)


Photo taken May 31st, 2020


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