Confusion can be paralysing. No thing feels secure. The questions come faster than answers.

Doubt is the air we breathe. We become pilots in a fog without autopilot engaged. It feels like our life depends upon the next move. And the bigger the consequence, the thicker the fog.

The way out is through.

Take all the jumbled thoughts, the fears, the questions, the schizoid fragments of thoughts, and either speak them out to another or write them down.

Take them from one form – the cacophony of noise as thought electrons collide in our head – and render them into another form – the spoken or written word.

In so doing, a vacuum will be created in your head, and from both the act of hearing or seeing your words and the space created by converting their form, the very next step – the one that can be taken solidly and with confidence – will become apparent.


Photo Taken May 29th 2018


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